PR Case Study: Tide washes clothes for families in need after March storms.

Tide partnered with the American Red Cross to assist families in need of clean clothes after deadly storms in March.

Simple luxuries like wearing clean clothes can become the only important thing in life when it’s no longer available. The resent March storms across the midwest have left families without a home, water, power and clean clothes to wear. The Tide Loads of Hope team has traveled these disaster zones with their mobile Laundromat in an effort to wash, dry and fold clothes for free.

These mobil trucks are camped in various locations and are capable of of washing over 300 loads of laundry a day. Tide has turned a dark time a little brighter for many people in this effort.

Though there are various definitions, public relations is about maintaining positive relationships with your publics. From this perspective, Tide executes excellent PR and brand management by serving the communities in need. The public relations team at Tide understands that the value of the company reaches far beyond detergent. The Loads of Hope campaign is a step in the right direction for the company image.

According to the Tide Facebook page, the mobil laundromat is currently helping people in Henryville, Indiana. The videos below show other areas where Tide has helped communities in need.

New Orleans, LA: Hurricane Katrina and Gustav


Galveston, TX: Hurricane Ike


San Diego, CA: Wildfires


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